Making Sense of Senseless Violence Online Course

Making Sense of Senseless Violence Online Course

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Making Sense of Senseless Violence is designed for parents, educators, coaches, and youth workers who believe in better possibilities for the next generation of men, but also know the realities of male-led violence. If you’ve felt the weight of yet another news headline about a mass shooting, act of sexual violence, domination or exploitation, this course is for you.


  • One module broken down into three key lessons.
  • A deep dive into research on the connections between masculinity and violence, using school-based mass shootings as a focal point for understanding.
  • Tools to speak about violence in a way that both acknowledges its connection to cultural norms of masculinity, and focuses on empowering boys rather than vilifying them.
  • Interactive exercises, digital multimedia and prompts for further reflection.
  • Additional resources and recommendations for further readings.

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